Crazy Taxi 3

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Crazy Taxi 3
Share game jadul lagi ahh.. :D
Crazy Taxi 3 merupakan game lama namun ga bosen kalo dimainkan temen-temen, cocok buat menghabiskan waktu.. :p
Jadi kita sebagai supir taxi, dan harus mengantar penumpang kita ketempat tujuan dengan waktu yang sudah ditentukan.
Akselerasi mobilnya enak temen-temen, jadi kita bawa mobil begajulan nya enak, hahwhahwhah

Ayoo langsunggg dicobaa..


Crazy Taxi 3
Trade in those furry dice, sit back and get ready to make some CRAZY MONEY. From the vertical streets of the west coast to the frantic mayhem of the small apple and the zany nightlife of the Glitter Oasis, you'd better throw the highway code out the window cos' this is driving CRAZY TAXI 3 style. Choose from 12 crazy drivers and their cabs, including four all-new cabbies and drive day and night, including the new location of Glitter Oasis. Impress your customers with crazy drifting and crazy jumping for that extra tip and go nuts in many of SEGA's trademark wild 'n' crazy mini-games. Based on the Xbox game.


# Drive day and night including the new location of Glitter Oasis
# Choose from 12 CRAZY DRIVERS and their cabs, including 4 new cabbies
# Impress your customers with CRAZY DRIFTING and CRAZY jumping for that extra tip
# Play from a range of WILD 'N' Crazy mini-games

System requirements:
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7
Pentium III 1GHz
500MB HD space

Download Crazy Taxi 3 (134 MB)
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Tested by me - Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.. WOrked
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Crazy Taxi 3