Face Software 3.9 + Crack

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Face Software 3.9 + Crack
Face Software ini merupakan sebuah software yang cocok buat temen-temen dhizka yang pesbukers.. hehehehe
Kalo sering banget buka dan ngecek facebook, ga perlu lagi buka browser dulu, Face Software ini sudah bisa langsung membukanya..
Namun Face Software ini bukan Software Facebook biasa, dia memiliki interface khusus untuk kita mengelola facebook.. Misalnya, Photos's Manager, Birthday Stuff, Timeline, dll..
Selain itu ada menu "Spy Tools" nih buat temen-temen yang suka kepo.. hahahha
Ayoo dicobaa...


Face Software

This software allows you to do a lot more stuff on facebook that is not readily available for you on the website.


Example : Deleting facebook wall posts from your timeline within a time period, Spying on your love ones, monitoring your friends, find who deleted you, and over 30 more features with more being added per your request
Our facebook software is very safe and secure to use and most importantly we WILL NEVER make a post on your facebook account about our software or phish / store your login information in any shape or form.
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Face Software 3.9 + Crack