Stardock Tiles 1.01 + Patch

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Stardock Tiles 1.01 + Patch
Kalau beberapa hari yang lalu dhizka share Stardock Fences 2.01,a sekarang dhizka akan share Stardock Tiles 1.01 ini.. Kalau Stardock Fences membantu kita untuk merapihkan icon-icon yang ada di desktop kita, kalau Stardock Tiles 1.01 ini dapat membantu kita untuk membuka program/document/html atau apapun yang akan terus berada di sebalah kanan layar kita. Jadi ga perlu me-minimize lagi. Kita tinggal lihat ke kanan
dan memilih apa yang ingin dibuka saja..
Dan pada kolom tersebut sudah di kategorikan dari aplikasi, web, dll.
Skin nya juga diganti temen-temen.. Tinggal pilih.. hehehe
Ayoo langsung..


Increase Your Productivity

Swiftly move from one application to the next, clicking through your list of tiles. Switch between pages at a touch of a button or a swipe of your mouse.
Lessen the stress of when you need to force close an application. Tiles is the easiest way to get the job done.

Slick Design

Tiles is a joy to use with its smooth scrolling and switching between pages. If you are lucky enough to own a multi-touch display, you will be pleased to know Tiles is ready to take full advantage of your setup.

Configure Tiles

Easily adjust Tiles from within the bar. Choose your design, edge alignment, bar size and more. Love Tiles, but don’t want to lose any monitor space? Take advantage of the autohide feature and enjoy the best of both worlds!



Maximize your Tiles experience with built-in pages for different classes of windows - including recent applications.
Customize the Tiles bar - create your own pages to fit your needs.

Create Shortcuts

Add shortcuts to a Tiles page with ease - simply drag your application onto the bar. Create pinned icons for long-term shortcuts. Choose to include system tray icons and eliminate the need of a task bar - which we let you hide.



Your style is unique and likely to change, so we have built in the ability to change the look of the Tiles bar. Included are four professionally designed skins to get you started.
Customize included skins by adding a photo as the background - or create your own look using the provided skin builder tool.

Preview Options

Spice up your previews - add color tints and icons, animate swipes, blur backgrounds and show captions.

System Requirements

Windows 7/Vista (32 & 64-bit) and 32-bit Windows XP
Download :
Installer + Patch :

Patch Only :
Tested by me (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) Worked
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Stardock Tiles 1.01 + Patch