ChordWizard Gold Edition 2.51 + Serial Number

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ChordWizard Gold Edition 2.51 + Serial Number
Gitaris? Coba Software iniii !!
Hollaaaa ada kah temen-temen yang memiliki profesi sebagai gitaris?
Apa temen-temen sudah hafal dan bisa semua chord yang ada? Begitu juga dengan scale-scale, apakah temen-temen sudah menguasai semuanya?
ChordWizard Gold Edition 2.51 ini dapat mengajari dan memberikan kita tampilan semua chord dan scale yang ada.
Yang praktisnya itu kan disitu ada tampilan instrumen nya yan bisa langsung kita contek yang mana saja yang harus di pencet.
Dan ChordWizard Gold Edition 2.51 ini juga langsung mengeluarkan contoh suara chord ataupun scale-scale tersebut.. ayoo temen-temen dicobaaa..


If you're serious about your music, you'll be amazed how ChordWizard Gold Edition turbo charges your knowledge and creativity.
Designed to adjust easily between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced playing levels, ChordWizard Gold Edition is a truly unlimited musical reference which handles all chord types and scale types, putting you in total control of your fretboard.
It supports over 115 different instruments and tunings, including Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin and Ukulele.  Both left and right handed players are fully catered for.
More than a uniquely powerful learning tool, ChordWizard is also an integrated workshop that you can apply directly to your own activities like rhythm playing, improvisation and songwriting, for every musical style.
ChordWizard Gold Edition has an open-ended structure that grows with you, giving access to high levels of skills and understanding, and delivering years of exceptional value.

And So Much More...

  • ChordWizard Gold Edition includes a Tuner and Metronome, and is packed with additional tools for all purposes.  You can find the scale of a melody or chord sequence, identify chords made by a piano or other instrument, transpose chords, and much more.
  • ChordWizard Gold Edition presents information in a colorful, accessible and intuitive format, with no need for you to know staff notation.  If you are learning to read music, you can easily see how any chordshape, chord or scale appears on staff lines.
  • ChordWizard Gold Edition uses a range of settings to focus precisely on your playing level.  It extends as you progress, so you never outgrow it.  Advanced level is very comprehensive, with 57 chord types and 26 scale types.  You can add to these without limitation.
  • The whole package is superbly documented with a Help file that sits beside the workspace for easy reference.  It contains How To sequences with step-by-step instructions and screenshots that you can follow to become rapidly acquainted with the world of music on the fretboard that ChordWizard Gold Edition opens up for you.
System Minimum Requirements
Windows XP, Vista or 7
Processor Pentium 4 @ 1.5 GHz
Memory 512 MB
Disk Space 50 MB free
Screen 16-bit color, 800x600 resolution
Sound Card All supported

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Download ChordWizard Gold Edition 2.51 + Serial Number Via MF (6 MB)
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Download Serial Number ChordWizard Gold Edition 2.5 Via JF (1 KB)

Tested by me (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) Worked
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ChordWizard Gold Edition 2.51 + Serial Number