Who is on my WiFi 2.0 - Ultimate + Keygen

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Who is on my WiFi 2.0 - Ultimate + Keygen
Who is on my WiFi - Ultimate ini merupakan sebuah software kecil yang memiliki kegunaan untuk melihat dan memonitor siapa saja yang berada di jaringan Wi-Fi yang kita gunakan. Jadi semua Laptop/PC yang terkonek dengan Wi-Fi tersebut dapat terlihat di Who is on my WiFi - Ultimate ini.
Disitu juga terlihat IP Address dan Computer Name nya.. Mungkin bagi para
hacker bisa membantu nih.. ;-) heheheheeh
Dan yang jelas software ini membantu keamanan buat laptop kita juga temen-temen... Karena kita juga bisa lebih waspada dari serangan hacker jail.. Karena kita bisa mem-block mereka.. :)


Are People On Your Network Right Now?

If you’ve stumbled across this site, chances are that you’re concerned about how secure your wireless network really is. You might even be concerned that someone you don’t know is connected to your network this very minute.
The problem is you can’t see a wireless network. You can’t touch it. And you can’t know who is connected to it without some help.
But there is a way to be 100% certain that no one is on your Wireless Network but the computers and devices that you want to be on it…

You might be saying to yourself, “You’re right, Wireless networks are invisible, but I’m not worried about any of this because I have encryption on my wireless network.”
I congratulate you on securing your network, in fact I recommend that everyone use encryption on their wireless network.
The problem is that first of all, almost 40% of U.S. households leave their Wireless Network completely open. And secondly, of the ones that do encrypt their network, another almost 40% are still using WEP which has been considered insecure for many, many years. And even though WEP will be phased out of Wireless Devices in the next few years that leaves a long, long time for Wireless Networks to be compromised by even the most novice hackers.
Finally, for those of you who have setup WPA2 which is considered almost impossible to break, I only have one question. How sure are you that WPA2 will remain unbroken forever?
And as a followup question, even if someone doesn’t get in through the wireless, might there still be a way for your physical network to be compromised?

Who Is On My Wifi runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 computers. The Software is currently unavailable for Macintosh and Linux/Unix systems.

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Who is on my WiFi 2.0 - Ultimate + Keygen