Corel AfterShot Pro 1.1 + Patch

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Corel AfterShot Pro 1.1 + Patch
Corel AfterShot Pro 1.1 merupakan request dari temen dhizka nih.
Corel AfterShot Pro 1.1 ini merupakan sebuah software yang bisa kita pakai untuk meng-organize foto-foto kita. Dan juga bisa kita pakai untuk meng-edit foto atau gambar yang kita punya.
Corel AfterShot Pro 1.1 ini dibuat dengan seramah pakai mungkin, tools-tools yang ada tidak ribet yang memudahkan kita
untuk meng-edit dan mengatur foto-foto kita.
Nama nya juga Corel, selalu bagus aja kalo bikin software.. hehehee
Langsung dicoba yuuk..


Corel AfterShot Pro is a fast, flexible photo workflow solution that combines robust photo management, advanced non-destructive adjustments and complete RAW processing. Organize your photos in catalogs or folders. Find images quickly with extensive Metadata tools that let you search by camera settings, keywords, tags and more. Experiment with and alter images freely with non-destructive adjustment tools and apply enhancements precisely with selective editing. Easily output your work for albums, web sites or client review. With RAW support, powerful batch processing and incredible speed, AfterShot Pro is the fast way to professional photos.

System Requirements


  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP with the latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or later or AMD Athlon™ 64 or later
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 250 MB hard drive space
  • Mouse or tablet
  • Minimum display resolution: 1024 x 600
  • CD-ROM drive 

Formats supported

  • RAW file support from most leading camera manufacturers: ARW, CR2, CRW, DCR, DNG, MRW, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAW, RW2, RWL, SR2

Cameras supported

AfterShot Pro can process RAW files from all major camera manufacturers:


Camera model

Canon® EOS: 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 1D, 1D Mark II, 1D Mark IIn, 1D Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 1Ds, 1Ds Mark II, 1Ds Mark III, 5D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 7D, 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 1000D, 1100D, D30, D60, Powershot: G1 X, G10, G11, G12, G2, G3, G5, G6, G9, S100, S40, S45, S50, S60, S70, S90, S95, Pro1, SX1 Canon sRAW and mRAW formats
Fuji® X100
Kodak® DCS: Pro 14n, Pro 14nx, Pro SLR/c, Pro SLR/n
Leica® DIGILUX 3, V-LUX 1, V-LUX 2, V-LUX 3, D-LUX 2, D-LUX 3, D-LUX 4, D-LUX 5, M8, M9, X1, Digital MODUL-R8, Digital MODUL-R9
Minolta® DiMAGE: 7, 7i, 7Hi, A1, A2, A200, MAXXUM: 5D, 7D, DYNAX: 5D, 7D, ALPHA-5 DIGITAL, ALPHA SWEET DIGITAL, Alpha-7 Digital
Nikon® D4, D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90, D100, D200, D300, D300s, D700, D800, D800e, D3s, D3x, D3, D2x, D2h, D2xs, D2hs, D1, D1h, D1x, D3000, D5000, D3100, D5100, D7000, 1 J1, 1 V1, P6000, P7000
Olympus® E-1, E-3, E-5, E-10, E-20, E-30, E-300, E-400, E-410, E-420, E-450, E-500, E-510, E-520, E-600, E-620, E-P1, E-P2, E-P3, E-PL1, E-PL1s, E-PL2, E-PL3, E-PM1 C5050z, C5060wz, C7070wz, C8080wz, OM-D E-M5, SP-310, SP-320, SP-350, SP-500uz, SP-510uz, SP-550uz, XZ-1
Panasonic® FZ100, FZ150, FZ18, FZ28, FZ30, FZ35, FZ38, FZ40, FZ45, FZ50, FZ8, G1, G2, G3, G10, GF1, GF2, GH1, GH2, GX1, L1, L10, LX1, LX2, LX3, LX5,
Pentax® K100D, K100D Super, K10D, K110D, K20D, K200D, K2000, *ist D, *ist DL, *IST DL2, *ist DS, *ist DS2, K-01, K-5, K-7, K-m, K-r, K-x
Samsung® GX-10, GX-20, GX-1L, GX-1S, NX10, NX11, NX100, NX200, NX5
Sony® A33, A35, A55, A55V, A57, A65, A77, A100, A200, A230, A290, A300, A330, A380, A390, A350, A450, A500, A550, A560, A580, A700, A850, A900, DSC-R1, NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-5N, NEX-C3

Download :

Installer + Patch :
Download Corel AfterShot Pro 1.1 + Patch Via IDWS (60 MB)
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Patch Only :
Download Patch Corel AfterShot Pro 1.1 Via IDWS (125 KB)

Tested by me (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) Worked..
Posted by Admin Okky

Corel AfterShot Pro 1.1 + Patch