BB Cream Yang Bagus Untuk Kulit Berminyak

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BB Cream Yang Bagus Untuk Kulit Berminyak
BB Cream Yang Bagus Untuk Kulit Berminyak - Because many are wondering what BB Cream is the most powerful oil controlnya, we love lists 6 Most Powerful BB Cream for Oily Skin version of My Lovely Sister

BB Cream Yang Bagus Untuk Kulit Berminyak

BB Cream Yang Bagus Untuk Kulit Berminyak

1. Atomy BB Cream SPF 30 PA + +

The BB Cream does have good power control. Although tetep using that day is still a good result, instead of oil in our face when it's mixed with this Atomy so it felt very natural.

2. BB Moist Dewytree 4 in 1 Foundation SPF 42 PA + +

BB Cream works like foundation then that he's pretty durable in controlling oil.

3. BRTC Blemish Recover Balm SPF 28 PA + +

As the name suggests, this BB Cream is a special formula for oily skin and acne, so it is reasonable if it includes a list of bb cream that has a potent power in controlling oil.

4. Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream SPF 30 PA + +

Lioele Triple powerful this is indeed already known to control the oil, but if you have extremely dry skin, BB Cream is better to avoid this because it will make the skin look so cakey and cracked.

5. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA + +

The BB Cream has power control oil suitable for oily skin, but surprisingly even so, BB Cream is also ideal for those whose skin is really dry. So it's like Missha M Perfect BB creamnya million people, hehe. The average person would have been made and satisfied at the outcome.

6. The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream + + SPF37PA

Power Perfection of The Face Shop BB Cream is one of the good using that for day-to-day control of the oil and also steady ^ ^


According to our most powerful tool for the control of oil to 6 above products are Atomy and Lioele, Lioele just more matte than Atomy results.

As for the next sequence is Dewytree 4 in 1 and BRTC Blemish Recover Balm. BRTC Blemish Recover Balm contains tea tree oil which is in addition to control oil on the face, 'safe' also for our skin if more loads of acne (pimples if just one or two, bb cream the other also 'safe' how to skin we face ^ ^)

To The Face Shop and Missha although not as efficacious Atomy, Lioele, Dewytree BRTC 4 in 1 and in terms of oil control but also has oil control power is pretty good compared to the average BB Cream.

Atomy, The Face Shop, Dewytree 4 in 1, and can Missha also for dry and combination skin, while for Lioele Triple BRTC Blemish and not suitable for dry skin. All we written him on the basis of experience we use everyday
bb cream yang bagus untuk kulit berminyak berjerawat sensitif dan aman merk apa dan murah untuk kulit kombinasi di korea dan tahan lama BB Cream Yang Bagus Untuk Kulit Berminyak

BB Cream Yang Bagus Untuk Kulit Berminyak