Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online Gratis

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Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online Gratis
Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online Gratis - Online English language learning materials for this I into four levels, namely Level Basic I, Basic II, Intermediate, and Advance. Here is a list of the contents of each level. Friends can just click the title of the material at each level below. all the material presented in the Indonesian deliberately to facilitate you who are just learning English. In addition, if at any time you read an article in this blog and you find fault either the type or the other mistake, please inform the blog admin to leave a comment. Congratulations Learning, hopefully bermamfaat for us all. Amen

Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online Gratis

Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online Gratis

Basic Level I

1. English Alphabet
2. Colors
3. Numbers
4. How to tell the time
5. The names of days (day names)
6. The Months of the Year
7. The Seasons
8. Date
9. Part of Speech in English (The types of words in English)
10. Nouns (noun)
11. Singular and Plural Nouns
12. Countable and uncountable nouns
13. Determiners
14. Article A, An and The
15. Personal Pronoun
16. Possessive adjectives
17. Object pronouns
18. Adjectives
19. Verbs

Basic Level II

1. Simple Present Tense, Part I (is, am, are)
2. Simple Present Tense Part II
3. Have and Has
4. Demonstrative
5. This and these
6. That, and Those
7. "There is" and "There are"
8. Noun Phrase
9. Quantifier
10. Some and Any
11. Much and Many
12. A little / little and a few / few
13. Adverbs of Frequency
14. Adverbs of Manner
15. Adverbs of Degree
16. Capital Verbs (can and could)
17. Prepositions of Time
18. Present Continuous Tense
19. Have Got and Has Got
20. Prepositions
21. Imperative Sentence


1. Past Simple Tense
2. Was and Were
3. Simple Future Tense
4. Future Past Tense
5. Present Perfect Tense
6. Since, For, Yet, and Already in the Present Perfect Tense
7. Be Going To
8. Past Continuous Tense
9. The Correct Order Adjectives
10. Adjectives with-ed and-ing
11. Use of Auxiliary Capital
12. Passive Sentences: Simple Present Tense
13. Passive Sentences: Simple Past Tense
14. Passive Sentences: Simple Future Tense
15. Sentences Passive: Present Perfect Tense
16. Passive sentences: Present Continuous Tense
17. Elliptical Sentence: So / Too
18. Either and Neither


1. Gerunds
2. Gerunds VS Present Participle
3. Either ... Or / Neither ... Nor
4. Not Only ... But Also
5. Both .... And
6. Question Tags: is, am, are
7. Question Tags: Do, Does
8. Present Perfect Continuous Tense
9. Past Perfect Tense
10. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
11. Future Continuous Tense
12. Positive Degree: As ... Axle
13, Comparative Degree:-er / more ...
14, Superlative Degree
15. A lot of / lots of / a lot
16. Use of word "enough"
17. Too
18. Relative pronouns
19. Conditional Sentence Type I
20. Conditional Sentence: Type II
21. Conditional Sentence: Type III
22. Both - Either - Neither
23. Prefer

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Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online Gratis